General Biochemistry-BCH101

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(Biochemistry of Specialized Tissues (BCH 450

•Course Symbol & No.      : BCH 450

•Credit Hours                     : 2 (2+0)

•Prerequisite                       : BCH 347
•This course aims to study chemical composition, proteins, biosynthesis and biochemical role of the following tissues:

•1- Connective tissues in bone, cartilage, teeth,

•2- Epithelial tissue,

•3- Muscle tissue and basis of contraction,

•4- Nerve tissue and brain,

•5- Kidney and liver.

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(General Biochemistry -1 (BCH 201


Course Symbol & No.     : BCH 201

(Credit Hours                   : 3 (3+0

Prerequisite                    : CHEM103

Course Objectives:

nTo familiarize students with knowledge of:

i.basic biochemistry needed for higher level courses

ii.chemical concepts with particular reference to chemical process found within living cells (chemical bonds, functional groups, equilibrium, and energy)

iii.structure and properties of water and buffers

iv.building blocks of cellular components

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