Optimal quench for distance-independent entanglement and maximal block entropy

We optimize a quantum walk of multiple fermions following a quench in a spin chain to generate near-ideal resources for quantum networking. We first prove a useful theorem mapping the correlations evolved from specific quenches to the apparently unrelated problem of quantum state transfer between distinct spins. This mapping is then exploited to optimize the dynamics and produce large amounts of entanglement distributed in very special ways.

Quench-induced growth of distant entanglement from product and locally entangled states in spin chains

We study the problem of entangling two spins at the distant ends of a spin chain by exploiting the nonequilibrium dynamics of the system after a sudden global quench. As initial states we consider a canted or spiral order product state of the spins and singlets of neighboring pairs of spins. We find that within the class of canted order initial states, no entanglement is generated at any time except for the special case of the Néel state.

Entanglement dynamics of one-dimensional driven spin systems in time-varying magnetic fields

We study the dynamics of nearest-neighbor entanglement for a one-dimensional spin chain with a nearest-neighbor time-dependent Heisenberg coupling J(t) between the spins in the presence of a time-dependent external magnetic field h(t) at zero and finite temperatures. We consider different forms of time dependence for the coupling and magnetic field: exponential, hyperbolic, and periodic. Solving the system numerically, we examined the system-size effect on the entanglement asymptotic value.

IS 499: Capstone Project 2

In this course, each group will continue developing the information systems that started in the capstone project I. Groups must use particular tools to implement their information systems in a good programming practice. These implementation tools must be new, up to date, and fully approved in IS design and implementation environment. Furthermore, students must generate user manuals for their information systems in an appropriate format.

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IS 498: Capstone Project 1

The courses studied so far have provided the IS students with strong and sufficient knowledge to develop information systems.  The next logical stage is that the IS student must acquire hands-on experiences on developing real world information systems. In addition, the students should be familiarized with real world problems encounter during the development of real world information systems. Furthermore, the students should be trained to work in teams. In this course, the students will be organized into groups. The number of students in each group should be three students.

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Entanglement in a time-dependent coupled XY spin chain in an external magnetic field

We consider an infinite one-dimensional anisotropic XY spin chain with a nearest-neighbor time-dependent Heisenberg coupling J(t) between the spins in presence of a time-dependent magnetic field h(t). We discuss a general solution for the system and present an exact solution for particular choice of J and h of practical interest. We investigate the dynamics of entanglement for different degrees of anisotropy of the system and at both zero and finite temperatures.

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