STAT315 Theory of Probability II

Events, experiments, sample space,  , Discrete and continuous random variables, Expectation, , inequalities in probabilities, central limit theorem,conditional probability, Distributions of order statistics, Baye's theorem, generating dunctions, joint distributions

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STAT 368 Theory of reliability

This course includes: introduction to the consept of reliability, binary components and systems,  . Paralled systems, Series systems, k-ou-of-n  systms, Coherent systems, structural importance, Systems and components reliability, , reliability importance Distributions of life systms

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ENG 271

This course offers intensive study and practice of methods of inquiry, rhetorical, terminology and documentation conventions associated with critical writing about literature. The course focuses on the writing process and common writing assignments for literature, and provides instruction in writing about fiction, poetry, and drama within their historical and cultural backgrounds. It also includes coverage of writing a short research paper and the employment of literary criticism and theory.

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ENG 414

This course puts research skills into practice by engaging students in individual and joint composition of publishable research, going through the processes of narrowing down a topic, finding resources through secondary research, conducting primary research, coding and evaluating data, reporting, and writing a researched argument following proper citation practices.

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Trauma Emergencies in EMS

This course will introduce the student to mechanisms of trauma and trauma systems. This will prepare the students to properly assess and manage various types of traumatic injuries, forms of shock (in terms of mechanisms and causes) and traumatic cardio-pulmonary arrest. This will also cover assessment and management of Head trauma, Facial trauma, and Neck trauma, Spinal trauma, Thoracic trauma, abdominal trauma and Shock Trauma Resuscitation. During this course the student will also prepared to be a Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support provider

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Medical Emergencies in EMS

This course will discuss the pathophysiology, assessment and management of most common types of medical emergencies related to human body systems. This will cover Pulmonary emergencies, Neurological, Endocrinological, Allergic, Gastroenterological, Urological, Morphological and Toxicological Emergencies, Hematological, Environmental and Wilderness emergencies, Psychiatric, Behavioral emergencies. It will also cover Infections and Communicable Diseases, basic emergency medicine, current trends in emergency care and chief complaint based management of common non-emergent patients.

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