Elemental and radiological aspects of geothermal springs and nearby soil and sediment of Al-Lith area: Concentration and risk assessment

Due to the interaction of water with hot deep bedrock within the geothermal system, the geochemical, elemental and radiological aspects of water and nearby soil and sediment samples are essential to investigate the water quality and the potential ecological impacts on the nearby area. In this study, four geothermal water springs located within Al-lith region-Saudi Arabia, (namely: Al-Harra, Bani Hilal, Markoub and Daraka) have been investigated. In addition to 9 water samples, 15 soil and sediment samples were collected from the adjacent areas.

Assessment of Anthropogenic and Geogenic Impacts on Marine Sediments along the Coastal Areas of Egyptian Red Sea

The present study was conducted to assess the possible impacts of human activities and naturally occurring on the marine sediments, to test for anomalous enrichments in metals.  A total of 32 marine sediments samples collected from 12 coastal areas of the Egyptian Red Sea analyzed using different analytical techniques. The analysis explored 43 elements for the marine sediments. Principal component analysis and multivariate statistics were implemented on the data.


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