1. Under-graduate:

At King Saud University: (2005-present):
Taught several courses, supervised and participated in the examination committees of many graduation projects.
Courses taught include:

ملحقات المادة الدراسية
أهلاً بك في موقعي الشخصي..

354 TRAJ Translation of Economic and Administrative texts - Spring 2018

This course is to examine with students the practical issues involved in advanced translation in the fields of economics and administration including economic issues, banking, trade, import and export, taxes and customs. The students will have an opportunity to learn and share among themselves useful translation procedures and terminologies related to the field. Students sharpen awareness of translation techniques and enhance professional performance.

ملحقات المادة الدراسية
أهلاً بك في موقعي الشخصي..


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