The Education of Children with autism in Saudi Arabia: A Teaching Guide

The structure of this paper will be as follows: Part one will briefly

compare the educational placements that are available for students with

autism and the level of support that they receive in Saudi Arabia and the

United Kingdom. Part two will illustrate the characteristics of individual with

autisms in order to help teachers understand the strengths autistic students

possess as well as the difficulties they may experience in the learning

Students with Asperger Syndrome: How They Compare with Students in Other Autism Subgroups and What Can Be Done to Support Them in Higher Education

The focus of this paper will be with Asperger syndrome and how to meet their special

needs in higher education. As part of the teaching staff in the Special Education

Department at King Saud University, I hope that this paper will be a valuable source of

information and a guide for teaching staff in Saudi colleges and universities who want to

increase their knowledge about this condition and make their practice more professional

One-to-One Support for Students with Autism in Mainstream Schools

This paper is divided into three parts. Part One

will give an overview of one-to-one support, when and how to provide it and will discuss

the role of paraprofessionals in supporting the student. Part Two will discuss the different

reasons behind the need for providing one-to-one aid for students with autism in different

settings. Part Three will discuss the advantages as well as the disadvantages of such

Why children with autism may engage in challenging behaviour? The environmental factors and typical people's behaviour

This paper is divided to three parts. Part 1 will be a starting point a

guide towards better understanding of the behaviour that is often considered

challenging by parents and teachers. It also will show how to identify the

function of a specific behaviour. Part 2 will discuss the environmental factors

that can trigger challenging behaviour and the different situations where the

behaviour is more likely to occur. It is divided to three parts: the sensory


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