Thematic analysis: a critical review of its process and evaluation

This paper critically reviews of the use of thematic analysis (TA) in qualitative research by describing its procedures  and processes and by comparing grounded theory (GTA) with hermeneutic analysis. The literature that relates to  thematic analysis (TA) shows that there is a lack of descriptions issues exist due respect to the concepts, process,  validations and clarifications that been used by researchers.


The current use and effectiveness of Weblogs as e-learning tools in higher education.

This paper attempts to explore the current use and effectiveness of Weblog services in higher  education. The views of the learners in this study toward utilizing Weblogs within their learning environment  were mixed. Their views can be divided in two groups; the first group of students were of the opinion that  utilizing Weblogs with their learning environment did not provide the interest they were expecting.

Blog techniques in Classroom: way of using blogs in learning environments.

The use of blogs in education offers new ways to raise student performance. Some researchers, however, have shown that blogs fail to raise the attainment of particular learners. Students have different learning preferences, which may affect their perception of the usefulness of blogs. This paper, therefore, explores students’ perceptions of blogs and if they perceive them as effective tools for learning. Research is needed, therefore, into learner characteristics in order to tailor blog tools more specifically to raise individual performances. 

Identification of learners’ attitudes regarding the implementation of read/write web, blog tools: a case study in higher education

The aim of this paper is to identify the current perception and attitude of learners’ regarding the use of the blog tools within their learning environment in higher education. Qualitative, applied questionnaire and interview techniques were used by adapted pre/post data collection to measure the differences been occurred before and after the study. The learners’ attitudes in this study toward the implementation of blog tools within their learning environment were mixed and contrast.

An Evaluation of Thematic Analysis (TA): its Features, Concepts, Processes and Validation. An inductive & detective approached in interpretive research

Thematic analysis (TA), ‘practically’ in the resources of literature review shows inconsistent description and unclear issues regarding utilized, concepts, procedures, validation and interpretation. This paper aims to provide critical overview with the main differences between three types of qualitative data analysis i.e. grounded theory analysis, hermeneutics analysis and thematic analysis.

Morphological cell changes due to chemical toxicity of a dental materials. An Electron microscopic study on human periodontal ligament fibroblasts and L929 cells

New endodontic materials with polymer bases may be more difficult to evaluate in cell cultures in vitro than conventional zinc oxide-eugenol cements. In order to study the morphological changes taking place in cells exposed to such materials, L929 cells and human periodontal fibroblasts were observed using scanning electron microscopic and transmission electron microscopic techniques. The morphological changes of the cells were correlated to the quantitative results observed simultaneously in cytotoxicity studies using the radiochromium release method.


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