HIP503: ehealth and the web

This course introduces the basics of Internet, World Wide Web and communication technologies that are used specifically in health care. The e-health and the web course provides the students with a perspective of the impact of the web on healthcare and explore the future of e-health and health web science (HWS). Student will learn to describe potential future applications of the web in healthcare. Students will recognize the development of web-based healthcare information system (WHIS). Students will learn how applied knowledge of practitioners impacts upon the delivery of quality information. The course addresses necessary issues for the development and maintenance of a successful web-based health information systems program with focus on strategic planning, clinical applications, project management, and risk management.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Define the basics of Internet and communication technologies in healthcare

  2. Identify the software development process in health care

  3. Describe the different type of e-health applications for Public health

  4. Design and develop Apps for public health

  5. Assess and evaluate the information quality in e-health

  6. Describe the usability and literacy issues in e-health applicationsĀ 

Course Materials