Obesity and major metabolic indices in newly diagnosed Saudi diabetic patients.

Journal Article
AZ., Al-Attas O.S., Laajam MA, Khan MS, Al-Drees . 1990
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obesity, diabetic
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Trop Geogr Med
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Metabolic indices were assessed in 217 Saudi diabetic patients and 57 control subjects in relation to Body Mass Index (BMI). Patients with BMI values greater than or equal to 27 in male and greater than or equal to 25 in female were considered obese. Obesity was found more frequent in females (82.7%) than in males (40.9%) (p less than 0.01). Basal glucose and HbA1C levels were lower in obese males than in females. C-peptide levels were higher (p less than 0.01) in the obese subjects than in the non-obese. Within the obese group c-peptide levels were higher in males than in females. Triglycerides and total lipids were also higher in the obese group. Our result suggests that a varying degree of obesity influences the rate of both beta cell secretion, insulin resistance and impaired lipid metabolism.