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PDF icon Receiver function constraints on crustal seismic velocities and partial melting beneath the Red Sea rift and adjacent regions, A6.79 MB
PDF icon Site response assessment of an urban extension site using microtremor measurements, Ahud Rufeidah, Abha District, Southwest Saud10.21 MB
PDF icon Petrogenesis of carbonated meta-ultramafic lenses from the Neoproterozoic Heiani ophiolite, South Eastern Desert, Egypt: A natur4.85 MB
PDF icon Evaluation of geotechnical parameters for urban site in southern Khamis Mushait city, southwest Saudi Arabia, using seismic refr9.93 MB
PDF icon Magnetic and seismic refraction survey for site investigation of an urban expansion site in Abha District, Southwest Saudi Arabi25.84 MB
PDF icon Seismic hazard assessment for Yanbu metropolitan area, western Saudi Arabia2.86 MB
PDF icon Assessment of toxic metals in coastal sediments of the Rosetta area, Mediterranean Sea, Egypt805.04 KB
PDF icon Microfacies and diagenesis of the reefal limestone, Callovian Tuwaiq Mountain Limestone Formation, central Saudi Arabia5.43 MB
PDF icon Seismicity constraints on stress regimes along Sinai subplate boundaries753.94 KB
PDF icon Hydrochemical characteristics and evaluation of the granite aquifer in the Alwadeen area, southwest Saudi Arabia7.95 MB
PDF icon Source parameters of the 27th of June 2015 Gulf of Aqaba earthquake2.41 MB
PDF icon The 23 January 2014 Jizan earthquake1.72 MB
PDF icon Spatial distribution and metal contamination0 bytes
PDF icon Depositional architecture and sequence stratigraphy6.08 MB
PDF icon Geotechnical investigation of the El-Elb dam site35.26 MB
PDF icon Assessment of sediment quality using different pollution indicators0 bytes