Effect of various level of dietary Commiphora myrrha on rats

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The possible effect of Commiphora myrrha oleo-gum resin was studied on
rats fed different concentrations of the crude plant. The plant is used in different regions
for treatment of various ailments but the toxic effect of this plant has not been studied in
Methods: Commiphora myrrha was fed to rats at 2, 5, 10, and 20% of the basic diet.
Results: Rats on 10% and 20% Commiphora food exhibited depression, soft faeces,
abdominal pain and dyspnoea prior to death. Lesions were fatty change and necrosis of
hepatocytes, catarrhal enteritis, renal tubular cell degeneration, splenic haemosiderosis
and lymphocytic infiltration in the hepatic portal area, renal cortex, and intestinal lamina
propria and between the cardiac muscle fibers. These changes were correlated with
alterations in haematology and clinical chemistry. Two and five percent C. myrrha diets
were not toxic to rats.
Conclusion: Commiphora myrrha oleo-gum resin was found to be lethal to rats at 10%
and 20% concentrations of the basal diet. At lower concentrations it was found to be toxic
and toxicity was indicated biochemically and histopathologically

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