Implementation of ZigBee in Network Devices

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International Journal of Computer Applications
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Today, computer networks are the backbone for all types of data communications. These computer networks rely on devices that connect different nodes in a network to each other by means of communication links. The devices that connect nodes in a network typically are active most of the times. Sometimes there arise situations when network devices stop responding due to overload or device malfunctioning. Because of that network administrator is unable to access or troubleshoot the devices. Therefore it becomes necessary to visit the actual device site location and manually reset the device configurations to its original factory settings. In order to restore, the devices usually provide a web based interface or hardware reset button usually on the device itself. Because the web interface is lost due to device freezing or overload, there needs to be an alternate access for the devices. This paper identifies the freezing problem in networking devices and values the potential of ZigBee for addressing these problems through the design and implementation of flexible automation architecture using a PIC microcontroller with a reset circuit. The proposed system provides an alternate to web interface for network devices and ensures a proper authentication for the system.