The Analysis and Design of a Web-Based Social Network: Locate it! Project.

Journal Article
Al-Omar, Noura . 2013
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Research paper
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IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science
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Locating missing items is a challenging problem that people face
frequently. This paper proposes a system that attempts to solve
this problem by taking the advantage of the interactions among
people in online social media. Locate it! Is an online social
community for connecting individuals with lost items with
people who found these items. The communication in this
Arabic social network is based on the contribution of individuals
in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After reporting the lost/found
items by the users, they can ask the system to retrieve matches
from the database. As a result, this research study discusses the
analysis and design of Locate it! System and concludes by
summarizing the paper; future improvements are also discussed.