ENG 327

The aim of this course is to provide the students with a general introduction to English morphology and syntax. It is designed to give students a brief glimpse of the theory and practice of the structural grammar of the English language as well as a detailed analysis of English morphemes, word formation processes, and English sentence structures and phrases.

Semster Plan:

Week Topic
1-3 Morphemes
4 Words
5-6 Word Formation Processes
6-8 Inflectional Paradigms
10-12 NP & VP and Grammatical Functions
12-14 Basic Sentence Patterns
15 Students’ Presentations
Review week Make up exams for ANY missed test

Grade Distribution:

Type Distribution of Marks
Assignments 10%
Quiz 10%
Midterm (1) 15%
Midterm (2) 15%
Project (Presentation) 10%
Final Exam 40%

An Introductory English Grammar by Norman C. Stageberg and Dallin D. Oaks.  5th Edition.

Course Materials