Abdullah A.I. Al-Bassam Professor . Department of physics , college of science King Saud University Academic qualifications: 1) B.A., B. Sc. King Saud University - College of Science Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2) PhD School of Applied Physics And Electronics Durham university Durham City - England

Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Abdullah A.I. Al-Bassam
Position                        : Professor . Department of physics , college of science King
                                            Saud University

 Nationality                    :     Saudi
Date of birth                  :     December 25, 1959
Academic qualifications:
  1)  B.A., B. Sc.  King Saud University - College of Science Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
 2)  PhD School of Applied Physics And Electronics Durham university Durham City - England
 Ph.D  Acquiring Date :  18-04-1988 A.D.
Ph.D  Thesis Title : 
“CdSe and Cd1-x Znx Single Crystal  Photovoltaic Devices”.
Research Interests:
Semiconductors and solar energy materials, Photovoltaics Solar Energy, ffabrication and characterization of thin films, Renewable Energy Environmental and solar radiation. Also other interests are related to electronic devices and Amorphous silicon and CuIn1-x Gax Se2, CdSx Se1-x, Znx Cd1-x Se , CuIn Se2 samples.
 Employment and Administrative History:

  1. Chairman of A Research chair the exploitation of renewable energy applications is the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. from 22-11-2011 up date.
  2. Chairman of renewable energy and environment group from 2005 up date
  3. Member of renewable energy center, engineering, college king Saud University.
  4. Member of editorial board of king Saud university, science for four years (32001-2005).
  5. Member of high education studies from 1426-1430 H.
  6. Professor, Department physics, King Saud University, 2001- Present , Saudi Arabia.
  7. Visiting Professor, in Renewable energy, (NERL) Institute, Colorado, USA, 2000.
  8. Associate Professor, Physics Department, College of Science, King Saud University From 1994 – 2001.
  9. Assistant Professor, Physics Department, College of Science, King Saud University From 1988 -1994.
  10. Demonstrator, Physics Department, King Saud University, From 24-07-1982 to
  11. Short Course in Solar Energy, SERL, Colorado, USA, 1982.
  12. Graduate Student, University of Durham, England from 21-09-1983 to 06-09-1988.


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  1. U. A. Elani A. and A. Al-Bassam, A technical paper is accepted for presentation at the 5th Int. Conf. on Environmental Science and Development-ICESD 2014, 19-21 Feb, Singapore,

1)  Member of the committee cultural in the Physics Department From 1989-1993.
2) Member of the committee graduate studies from 1989-1993 & 1996 - until now.
3) Member and the Coordinator of the committee of the cultural in the Physics Department from 1991-1993.
4)  Member of the committee Plans and Curriculum in the Physics Department – present (1994).

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