Dr. Ahmed Al Sanad

Assistant Professor in Information Systems

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Computer Society

Current Specialization  & Research Interests: IS

  • COTS Solutions including (ERP, CRM, Knowledge Management, E-Government, E-Business, Business Process Reengineering, Business intelligent)

  • Artificial Intellegent (AI)

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Digital Transformation

  • Machine Learning

  • Image Processing

  • Voice Recognition

  • Health Informatics 

  • Cloud Computing and Social networks applications 

Enterprise Resources and Planning Basic elements and considerations of an enterprise computing solution, including systems integration issues, people versus technology issues, plus project...
Research Seminar A survey of the theoretical and technical aspects of some topic to be agreed Upon with the student’s advisor. An oral presentation and a written report are required.
Software Project Management and Quality Assurance Preparing for project: Project financial analysis and risk evaluation, Procurement models, Proposal strategies, technical, management and...