PHG415 "Evidence-based Herbal Medicine" (1+0)
By the end of the course the student should be able to:
- Discuss the current requirements for evidence-based herbal medicine practice.
- Know the clinically relevant pharmacological and toxicological aspects of herbal medicine.
- Know the relevant pharmacopoeial parameters and standards employed for evaluation of herbal medicines individually or in formulations.
- Acquire the professional skill to describe and discuss the relevance of evidence-based herbal medicine to healthcare practice
- Gain a scientific potential to deal with the incorrect concepts or myths leading to misuse of herbal medicine in the society
- Know how to evaluate the efficacy of any herbal formulation regarding the percent, constituents, and the mode of action, efficacy, and interaction of each individual herb on the basis of medically-approved scientific pieces of evidence.
- Classify the different types of herb-drug interactions in his community.

Course Materials