Molecular characterization of tyrosinase gene (exon 1) in camels of Saudi Arabia

Journal Article
Mahmoud, Ahmed Hossam . 2019
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ورقة علمية
Camels, Genetic variation, Saudi Arabia, SNPs, Tyrosinase gene.
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We detected genetic variations and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of tyrosinase gene (Tyr) among seven camel
populations in Saudi Arabia. Exon 1 of TYR was amplified from 166 DNA samples representing six indigenous camel
populations and one exotic population (Alsumalia) that yielded a 474-bp fragment. Two SNPs (T/C) were detected at
coding positions 200 and 523 bp. Significant differences in genotypic frequencies were observed at coding position 200.
Three different genotypes (CC, TT, CT) were detected at position 200 in each studied population, except Alsumalia, which
only had CT. At position 523, the CC genotype was detected in Majaheem and TT was detected in the other populations.
The C allele dominated over T allele suggesting that coat color might be associated with it. The populations Majaheem,
Maghateer, Hamra, Sofr, and Sawahli had higher C allele frequency than Shaul and the exotic Alsumalia. The cluster
analysis of genotypic frequencies at positions 200 and 523 indicated that Majaheem was not closely related to other Saudi
populations. The detection of polymorphism at position 523 in Majaheem and in wild Bactrian camel led us to conclude that
wild Bactrian camel could be the immediate ancestor of Majaheem populations and other Saudi Arabian populations, as well.