Stress Fields for Sharp Notches in Pressure-Sensitive Materials under Plane-Stress Conditions

Journal Article
, Al-Abduljabbar Abdulhamid . 2005
Issue Number: 
Issue 1
Volume Number: 
pp: 139-154.
Publication Abstract: 

 Fully-developed plastic stress fields around sharp wedge-shaped notches of perfectly-plastic pressure-sensitive materials are investigated for plane-stress case and symmetric tensile loading conditions. The pressure-sensitive yielding behavior of the material is represented by the Drucker-Prager yield criterion. Using equilibrium equations, boundary conditions, and the yield criterion, closed-form expressions for stress fields are derived. The analysis covers the gradual change in the notch angle starting from the limiting case of a pure horizontal crack, the solution of which is compared with published literature. Effects of notch geometry and pressure sensitivity on stress fields are examined by considering different specimen geometries, as well as different levels of pressure sensitivity. Results indicate that while stress values directly ahead of the notch-tip are not affected, the extent of stress sector at notch front is reduced, thereby causing increase in the radial stress value around the notch. As the pressure sensitivity increases the reduction of the stress sector directly ahead of the notch tip is more evident. Also, for high pressure sensitivity values, introduction of the notch angle reduces the variation of the stress levels. Results obtained from the analysis are useful for design of structural components.