Eng 498 Practicum

The course provides students with the opportunity to gain real world experience in ONE of three fields: 1. Teaching English as a foreign language at schools, English language institutes or at universities 2. Translating and interpreting (from and into English) at various institutions including hospitals, companies, embassies, etc. 3. Working as a media professional at English-speaking television, radio, or print media production. 2 The department, therefore, will draw and sign a contract with the relevant organizations, where the students will receive the practical training, specifying how the course should be conducted. The contract will be based on: 1. the expectations of the department (in view of the learning outcomes of the course and of the program as whole) 2. the requirements of the organization Students are required to put in a minimum of 75 hours in one semester working at an institution or an organization in the chosen field. The 75 hours are to be divided as follows: The first 15 hours will be allotted to only observing and assisting, and then 60 hours of supervised work where students are given full responsibility of certain tasks, but under supervision. By working with professionals in the industry, students will be able to pick up useful skills that will help prepare them for the transition from university to work place. In applying the knowledge acquired in the classroom, students will be able to develop a better understanding of the way in which theory relates to practice

Course Materials