CBT in the Middle East

Book Chapter
AlHadi, Ahmad Nayef . 2012
Publishing City: 
New York
Publisher Name: 
Nova Science Publishers
Book Title: 
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Non Western Cultures
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Editors: Farooq Naeem and David Kingdon (United Kingdom)
Book Description:
Cultural identity has a profound impact on our sense of well-being and our own mental and physical health within the context of our respective societies. While cultural background refers to our ethnicity, it is also the influence of our family, social class, religion, migration, geography, gender and sexual orientation that mold who we are as diverse human beings. Over the decades, many attempts have been made by proponents of various psychotherapeutic modalities to develop population - specific approaches for ethnic groups - only leading to fragmentation, confusion and controversy in the professional field. This new book presents and discusses current research in the study of CBT in non-western cultures. (Imprint: Nova Press)