Rapid Thermal Annealing and Sb-As Intermixing in GaSb Type-II Quantum Dot Stacked Layers in GaAs Solar Cells

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Krier, A. Mahajumi, P.J. Carrington, I. Kostakis, Q. Zhuang, and A. . 2013
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The effects of rapid thermal annealing on the photoluminescence emission obtained from ten-layer stacks of GaSb/GaAs type-II single monolayer quantum dots and Stranski–Krastanow grown quantum rings have been studied and interpreted. Post-growth rapid thermal annealing was performed with proximity capping at temperatures from 550 °C to 800 °C, resulting in an increase in photoluminescence emission intensity and a blue shift in peak energy in both types of stacks, together with changes in the activation energy for thermal quenching. This behaviour originates from Sb–As intermixing and changes in morphology of the nanostructures formed using the two different growth mechanisms.