CE 435 Railway Engineering

Department of Civil engineering
King Saud University
Course Description
CE435 Railway Engineering (elective course for a B.Sc.E degree)
Introduction to railway transport systems, status quo of Saudi railway network, dynamic aspects of train motion, railway terminologies, track components, vertical and horizontal alignments, railway yards, stations and platforms, and railway signalling [ 3(3,1,0)]
Prerequisite CE430 - Transportation Systems
CE431 -  Highway Engineering
Course Learning Outcomes Students completing this course successfully will be able to:
  1.  Recognize rail transport systems.
  2. Identify Rail track components.
  3. Analyse the aspects of dynamics of train motion.
  4. Demonstrate basic geometry concepts for geometric design of railway track.
  5. Identify various elements and synthesize of railway yards and stations.
  6. Define the main concepts of railway signalling.
Class/tutorial schedule Class is one time per week in 100-minute lecture sessions. Tutorial is one time per week in 50-minutes sessions
Computer applications None
Project Group project focusing on geometric design of railway tracks
Textbook(s) and/or other materials
  1. A text Book of Railway Engineering , S.C. Saxena and S.P.Arora (2013)
  2. Practical Guide to Railway Engineering, AREMA (American Railway Engineering & Maintenance of way Association (2003)
  3. Railroad Engineering, William W. Hay (1982)
  4. http://sar.com.sa/
  5. http://www.arema.org/


Course Materials