CEN340 Signals and Systems

CEN340 Signals and Systems
Course Details
Course Name:                
Signals and Systems
Course Number:             CEN340
Lectures given by:         Dr. Anwar M. Mirza (ammirza@ksu.edu.sa)
Lectures Hours:             Every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, at 11:00am, Lecture Hall B091
                                   Tutorial on Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm, Lecture Hall B091.
Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Mathimatical Software Tools
  2. Introduction to Signals and Systems
  3. Basic System Properties
  4. LTI Systems: The Convolution Sum
  5. LTI Systems: The Convolution Integral
  6. Properties of LTI Systems
  7. LTI Systems described by Differential and Difference Equations
  8. Fourier Series Representations
  9. Continuous-Time Fourier Transform and Applications
  10. The Laplace Transform and Its Applications
  11. Modulation and Demodulations AM/FM
  12. Applications of Communication Systems
  13. Review

Marks Distribution
Homework / Assignments                 15%
       Quizes                                             05%
       Mid-Term I                                       20%
       Mid-Term II                                      20%
       Final Exam                                       40%
Recommended Text

  1. Openheim A., Willsky A. and S. Nawab, Signals and Systems, 2nd Ed., 1997, Prentice Hall.


  1. Lecture Notes
  2. Lathi B. P., Moden Digital and Analog Communication Systems, 3rd Ed., 1998, Oxford University Press.
  3. Kamen, E. W. and Heck, B. S., Fundamentals of Signals and Systems using the Web and Matlab, 3rd Ed., 2007, Prentice Hall.

Lecture Notes

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