Dr. Amr T.M. Saeb is a distinguished international speaker in many scientific conferences and congresses. Dr. Saeb is the head of two departments: Genetics and Biotechnology at Strategic Center for Diabetes Research, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is the Editor-in-Chief of SOP Transaction on Inheritance and Genetic Engineering, and member of the Editorial Board of several scientific journals. Dr. Saeb's research interest is focused on but not limited to Bacterial pathogenesis and virulence, Molecular pathology, Comparative genomics, Bioinfomatics: DNA, RNA and Protein sequence analysis, functional and positional gene annotation, structural analysis, sequence alignments and many others, Human Oral Microbiome Analysis, Pyrosequencing Technique, Microbiology: Experienced in standard microbiology techniques, Molecular Biology: Experienced in standard techniques such as DNA manipulation, primer design, PCR, electrophoresis, southern blotting, DNA sequencing and plasmid manipulation techniques. He is currently writing a book on diabetes genetics. Dr. Amr T.M. Saeb has numerous and increasing number of scientific publications. He was granted by the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research a scholarship to pursue and he earned his Ph.D (Molecular Phylogenetics and Population Genetics) at The Ohio State University, United States of America. He won the Poster Presentation First Place Award, during the Annual Conference of OARCD/OSU in 2006. He is a Who’s Who in the World 2015 Awardee, and earned a lifetime membership by invitation from the National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi for his superior academic excellence during his Ph.D. program. His areas of expertise are focused into Teaching, Research and Scientific Writing.
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