IE 252 Manufacturing Process 1

For any production facility, a considerable number of processes or manufacturing methods are involved for product development.
The processes selection and product material is assigned by industrial or manufacture engineer. For example, stainless steel bolt can be used to assemble product subjected to corrosion media e.g. water pump product. High carbon steel bolts can be used to assemble machinery subjected to high load e.g. mechanical presses. Hence, to be able to select technical and economical the suitable manufacturing processes sequence and assigning the suitable material for a given product, it is necessary to have a broad fundamental knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of various manufacturing processes and materials. Furthermore, it is important to indentify machine capacity that suit product manufacturing which also a part of industrial engineer job.
This course tries to provide a broad knowledge of different manufacturing processes and load capacity estimation for common metal forming processes. It also provide an introduction on welding and casting process technologies used in industries.


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