The development of real time re-meshing technique for simulating cold-roll-forming using FE methods

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P.,, Alsamhan A., Pillinger I., Hartely . 2004
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Numerical Model Metal Forming
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Journal of Materials Processing Technology
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Cold-roll-forming (CRF) is an important sheet metal forming process. However, product design procedures, in terms of rolls design and rolls pass schedule, remains more an art than science. Finite-element (FE) computer simulation can be used to predict the deformation and final product geometry, hence, reduce the design time and cost. The main objective of this work is to develop a real time re-meshing technique that can be used to run and complete the computer simulation of CRF process. This will enable decreasing the computational time and predicting the final geometry of cold-roll-formed product. A real time re-meshing technique using dual meshes was developed and benchmarked by applying the technique on traditional flat stripe rolling with friction.