Main Intersts

- Quaternary coral reefs.

- Cretaceous coral and rudist reefs.

- Jurassic coral reefs.

- Sequence stratigraphy.

- Environmental assessment of the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf coasts using skeletons of bivalves, corals, foraminifera; sediments and seawater.

- Paleontology

- Diagenesis

- Depositional environment


Friday, December 18, 2015 - 07:19
A student research project for graduation with title: Stratigraphy and depositional environment of the Aruma Formation, Saudi Arabia.
A student research project for graduation with title: Scleractinian corals of the Hajajah Limestone Member, Aruma Formation, Saudi Arabia.
Essentials of earth history, Uniformitarianism, The law of superposition, Unconformities, Mountain building, Stratigraphic units, Fossils and fossilization, Correlation, Absolute time and...
Three major lithofacies have been described in Lajjun area, central Jordan, including the phosphorite and intercalated limestone of the Al‐Hisa Phosphorite Formation, as well as the...
The Late Pleistocene reef unit of the last interglacial marine isotope stage 5e stretches all over most of the coastal cliffs and wadi cuts and interrupted only in wadi entrances along the...
Middle to Late Pleistocene coral reefs stretch in three discontinuously elevated units above the present sea level between Duba and Sharma along the Red Sea coast, northwest Saudi Arabia....