Know Your MBA

The most commonly known and pursued MBA (also see distance MBA, IGNOU MBA from India is an example ) course is the conventional 2 yearlong full time MBA course and the seats are allocated to the aspirants on the basis of their CAT examination scores. If we exclude the conventional 2 year MBA there are many different types of MBA courses that an aspirant can choose depending upon his current situation like the part time MBA, Executive MBA, 1 year MBA for executives based on the GMAT scores, distance learning MBA and many more.
A graduate can join for the normal 2 year MBA soon after his graduation based on the CAT scores he attained in any well recognized university but it’s not possible for a person who is been a graduate for a while and is thinking of pursuing an MBA for better job opportunities or any other reason. Instead of the 2 year full time MBA they can choose the 1 year MBA program which is based on the GMAT scores.
There are two major benefits in choosing the “MBA for Executives” they are:
1. You will get an opportunity to interact with students who are either experienced than you are in the business sector or at least as experienced as you are from different parts of the country.

[In the case of India, which has the largest OPEN university the Indira Gandhi National Open Universtiy (IGNOU) offers ignou distance mba programs by correspondence learning]

2. Finishing an MBA in 1 year with 4-5 years of experience in your hand is definitely an advantage over other. Usually a 3 year experience is recommended with an MBA in most parts of the world. And it may boost your salary and reputation if you choose to return to the same company you has been working in.
In most of cases ‘MBA for Executives’ is compared to or been confused with a totally different MBA course known as the ‘Executive MBA’ or an EMBA. An EMBA is more of a part time MBA learning opportunity parallel to your full-time work. The major advantage of EMBA is that you will gain knowledge, degree and experience together. EMBA programs usually run longer than ‘MBA for Executives’.In 2014 and 2015 the best Distance learning MBA programs follow a completely off-campus teaching mechanism. The 2015  IGNOU MBA admission will begin soon after the results are published.The correspondence courses offers learning online with emails, broadcasts, recorded video classes and also video conferences and offline mode offers learning through postal-mail. It’s well suited for an employee who is interested in learning MBA course as it will neither consume any of his work hours or he have to attend any classes after the work hours.
There are many more varieties of MBA courses but the mentioned above are the most commonly chosen by aspirants and is more beneficial than other MBA courses in  business environment.


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