104 Phys (General Physics- Electricity and Magnetism)

The course has been designed to explain the basic principles of electricity and magnetism.  The student realizes, at the beginning, the meaning of the electric charges and their reaction with each others as well as their effect on the surrounding space throughout  their electric field.  After that, the electric potential, due to the electric field, and the electric stored energy in the capacitors are introduced to connect the topic of electricity with other topics in physics.    Furthermore, the concept of the direct current and the electric energy consumption are introduced; accordingly, the student will be able to understand how to calculate the cost of the electricity bill.  Therefore, the students connect the concepts with the reality. In the middle part of the course, the magnetic field and its effects on the electric charged are explained.  Then, the students know how magnetism is created by electricity, and vice versa.  As a result, this gives more understanding of how both electricity and magnetism are tightly related to each other.  At the end of the course, the alternating current circuits (AC) are explained as well as the concept of the effective values of the voltage and the current (Vrms and Irms), the phase angle (N), and the power factor.  Consequently, the students should know the meaning of the alternating circuit impedance and the consumed energy as well as the state of resonance in the AC circuits .  

Topic No of Weeks Contact hours
Electric Charges and Coulomb Law   3
Electric Field of Point Charges   2
Motion of Charged Particles in a Uniform Electric Field   1
Electric Flux and Gauss Law and Its Applications   3
Potential Difference and Electric Potential   2
Electric Potential of a Uniform Electric Field   1
Total Potential (Reaction Energy)   2
Electric Capacitance and the Equivalent Capacitance   2
Energy Stored in a Charged Capacitor and Dielectrics   2
Electric Current, Conductivity, and Ohm’s Law   3
Resistance and Temperature   1
Electrical Power and Energy   1
Electrical Energy Consumption Cost   1
The Direct Current Circuits and the Equivalent Resistance   2
Kirchhoff ‘s Rules   2
Magnetic Field and Magnetic Force   2
Motion of Charged Particles, Lorenz Force, the Speed Selector, and  the Mass Spectrometer   2
Sources of the Magnetic Field (Thin Straight Conductor)   1
Ampere’s Law and the Magnetic Field of a solenoid   1
Faraday’s Law of Induction and Motional Electro-motive Force   2
Inductance and Self Inductance   1
Energy Stored in the Magnetic Field   1
Alternating Current Circuits and Vrms and Irms, Inductors in an AC Circuit, Capacitors in an AC Circuit,  and the Phase Angle   3
Impedance in an RCL (in Series)Circuit   2
Power and Resonance in an RCL Circuit   2
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