Place of Birth: Riyadh
Citizenship: Saudi

Country: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Mail:  P.O. Box 156798 Riyadh 11788
2011 – Present: KSU lecturer, founder and director of the COA Centre for Speaking in English, founder of the English Dept. Student Council and chair of SC committee.
2017: Interpreter for Riyadh Summit and Trump delegation visit to the National Museum in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2016 – 2017: Head of the translation team for the KSU Planning and Development Deanship (NCAAA project).
2012 – 2016: Translator for the Technical Unit at the English Department and Literature, College of Arts, King Saud University.
2010 – 2016: Consultant translator for the National Centre for Assessment in Higher Education.
2011: TIMSS and PIRLS international quality control monitor in Riyadh.
2010 - 2011: Interpreter and translator for the KSU Preparatory Year Deanship, quality assurance coordinator and establishing member of the Student Advisory Council Committee.
2011: Consultant translator for the 5th Global Competitiveness Forum.
2010 – 2011: Consultant translator for MCKL ( an international software company).
2010 – 2011: Consultant in the field of legal translation.
2009 - 2011: Main Translator of the King Saud University Research Chair of the Saudi National Mental Health Survey (World Health Organisation Composite International Diagnostic Interviews) consultant translator on SNMHS Panel of Experts.
2010: Translated and conducted research for the Irish Project "Diagonal Reports" on the Saudi Market.
2010: Translated health journals for the Saudi Research and Publishing Company (Parents Magazine).
2010: Interpreted the Fourth Meeting of Saudi Universities held at King Saud University.
2009: Translator and editor for the SAT Inventions Project with Isterlab Training Centre.
2008: Translator for the newly-established Childhood Study Centre at King Saud University. 

2008 - 2010: MA in Linguistics (Semantics) GPA: 4.54, Second Class of Honour.
2003 - 2008: BA in Translation (English into Arabic and vice versa) GPA: 4.75, First Class of Honour.
2018: Ran a 5K marathon 12 times on campus throughout the second semester in cooperation with KSU Movement Initiative “Keep on Moving” with a total of 60 km to raise the awareness and promote healthy lifestyle for females+ Translated for SABIC Psychological Health Research and Applications Chair + Consultant translator for the international project of Emotional Literacy and Conflict  Resolution: Life Skills for Children”.
2017: Translated various specialised articles on dental health for Bien-etre Dental Care during the Unified Gulf Week for Boosting Oral and Dental Health.
2016: Participated in an awareness-raising campaign on psychological health in cooperation with PNU health science group “You’re Not Alone”.
2014 - 2015: Participated in a number of awareness-raising campaigns on Celiac,  autism and diabetes in cooperation with Saudi Takatuf, Charitable Society of Autism Families and the Saudi Charitable Association of Diabetes.
2009 -2012: Translated specialised CDs on Down Syndrome for the Arabian Academy for Special Education and volunteered as the main interpreter for Zahra Breast Cancer Association in fund-raising events.

2017: Plaque from Bienetre Dental Care for translation and video doublage of dental health-promoting materials.
2016: Plaque from the Saudi Volunteer Organisation “Takatuf” for volunteer work.
2015: Plaque for winning the “Glow” event by KSU College of Languages and Translation as “ Best Instructor
of the College of Art” based on students votes.
2013: Certificate of acknowledgement from Prince Salman Research & Translation Centre at PSU for giving a workshop on translation as a member of the panel of experts.
2013: Plaque from the COA- English Club in recognition for working with the Drama Club.
2011: Appreciation letter from the KSU Chair of Research Centre for interpretation during the visit of the  American Academy for Liberal Education on Sep. 25th-28th.
2010: Medal for participating in the First Academic Research Symposium at Imam University.
2009: Plaque in recognition for volunteer work with Zahra Breast Cancer Association.
2009: Plaque in recognition for volunteer work with the Arabian Academy for Special Education.
2008: KSU's Rector Award and Golden Medal for Innovation and Excellence in the field of Translation.
2008: First place in KSU translation competition in the field of Science.
2006: First place in KSU translation competition in the field of Literature.
2006: First Place in KSU General Information Competition and a Plaque from the COLT Dean. 


Course Level
Eng 211 – Grammar in Use  3
Eng 320 - Linguistics I  3
Eng 323 – Linguistics II  4
Eng 222 – Applied Linguistics  4
Eng 412 - Speech  5
Eng 411 – Translation II  6
Eng 413 – Advanced Writing  7
Eng 429 – Discourse Analysis  7
Eng 407 - Sociolinguistics  8
        As an instructor, my task is to facilitate students’ learning. I believe my students are an extension of me. I take into consideration their learning styles to cater to all their needs. I encourage self-learning by providing them with the time to figure out their mistakes themselves before correcting them so to establish the foundation for life-long learning. Sparking my students’ enthusiasm is my main goal. I encourage observing and seeking answers. I present the content in a way that catches their interest and try to create a positive friendly atmosphere so to encourage students’ participation while providing them all with equal opportunities. I link what they learn to real life and I am keen on providing examples from both cultures: the Arabic and Western ones. I employ a number of ways of assessments and watch my students’ progress through continuous assessment. Prompt oral and detailed written feedback is one of the main aspects that chararcterises my teaching. I  interact with my students through my KSU LMS and homepage ( as I upload additional materials, sample tests,  assignments and grades. I am available during my office hours and my students can contact me via email anytime.
         Respect is the cornerstone of my relationship with my students. I spare no effort to instill into them the love for learning all the way. I aim to touch their lives and change their attitudes positively towards linguistics and translation in particular and learning in general.