Electronic Healthcare Model Based on Smart Card for Saudi Medical Centers.

Conference Paper
AlAbdulqader, Ebtisam . 2011
Conference Name: 
International Conference on Embedded Systems and Applications - ESA’11
Conference Location: 
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Conference Date: 
Monday, July 18, 2011
Publication Abstract: 

This paper presents a healthcare model based on smart cards. The purpose of the proposed model is to facilitate information exchange and integration across medical organizations. Currently, in Saudi Arabia, all medical centers have their own healthcare system. Each time a patient visits a clinic; a new file is created for him. Clinical information history related to the previous consultations is not available. Confidential information is not protected by the traditional folder. Prescriptions provided by doctors are signed manually and not efficiently authenticated by pharmacies. Claims are transmitted to the insurance companies by fax which makes them subject to falsification. The existing approach of the ministry of health in maintaining information about patients is not efficient, because healthcare institutions are not linked to a central system. In the proposed solution, the smart card will be used to store medical history of a patient that contains all diagnosis and drug prescriptions done in different medical centers. It will be used also to store keys and perform all the cryptographic computations. The medical institutions should adhere to the government healthcare organization system managed by the ministry of health. The healthcare organization should play the trusted third party as certification authority (CA). The information exchanged by the medical institutions should be protected and secured.