Educating Ethics in Information Technology: Serving Community as Practice

Conference Paper
Alabdulqader, Ebtisam . 2014
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Barcelona, Spain
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Monday, July 7, 2014
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Understanding and conducting ethics is an essential quality for everyone in any field. Due to the importance of the ethics for individuals and societies, many of universities started to offer ethics courses in their curricula. Their aim is to give students a full understanding of their rights, and how they might act ethically when they face different situations. Since the ethics content can be undesirable course for students, some faculty may face various challenges to teach such courses. Moreover, some students might face obstacles to understand the ethics principles and its importance. Therefore, the application of active learning concepts along with engaging in community service is one of solutions to enhance the learning process. This paper will share our experience of teaching the “Ethical Issues in Information Technology” course to information technology undergraduate students. This paper covers the definition of active learning, what its activities and explains the teaching methodologies that have been applied to reach our objectives. Finally, the outcomes of this experience will be discussed as well.