Quorum sensing (QS) describes a bacterial communication system, which allows individuals to monitor the overall population density of the group.QS plays an important role in virulence, biofilm formation and survival of many pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, signalling pathway is considered as novel and promising target for anti-infective agents. Further, biofilm mode of growth confers resistance to antimicrobial substances compared to planktonic (suspension) cultures. This has made biofilms a leading threat to the environment, industry, and human health. For example, biofilms are known to cause product contamination in the food industry, and clog water distribution and filtration systems. Thus, there is an urgent need to develop new agents/devices that interfere with the QS system of bacteria and restrict the development of biofilms on abiotic surfaces and/or improve the eradication of existing biofilms. Natural products and Nanotechnology can provide new opportunities for preventing and fighting biofilm-mediated problems. Our group is exploring the utility of other potential antimicrobial / antibiofilm of various natural products and nanomaterials which can provide long-lasting rechargeable antibiofilm/antimicrobial activity against food-associated bacteria.

Keywords: Natural products; nanomaterials; quorum sensing, biofilm, food-borne pathogen, bacteria