Speech and Language Pathology II -RHS 374-

This course will provide an introductory overview to child language disorders spanning from birth through adolescence. This overview will address etiology, characteristics, assessment, and intervention for children with language disorders.
Course Objective:

  • Differentiate between typical and atypical language development.
  • Learn the principles to assess children with language disorders.
  • Learn the principles to treat children with language disorders.
  • Learn about different risk factors leading to language developmental problems.
  • Improve observation skills as well as reporting skills.

Rules for course:

  1. This course will be taught in English.
  2. Plagiarism will not be accepted, any girl who is caught copying from sites, books or friends will receive an immediate 0.
  3. All projects should be submitted via email, the subject of the email should be your name and course (e.g. Sara Mohammed – SLP2- project X) and the document should be named similarly.


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Course Materials