++CSC-115-Introduction to Programming with C-


Course description:

Introduction to programming with C ++- Arithmetic in C++-Algorithms- Selection Statements: if, if-else, switch-case statements- Counter-controlled Repetition for, while, do-while-statements- Operators in C++- Functions- Recursion-  Pointers- Structures and Classes - Arrays. 

Course Objectives

The course aims at giving the students a broad foundation in the fundamental concepts of programming accompanied by specific labs to develop the basic skills in programming with C++. It introduces the basic concepts and principles such as selection statements, loops, methods, single and multidimensional arrays, object and classes.

Topics Covered in this Course:

  • Week 1

Introduction to course and C++ fundamentals

  • Week 2-3

Elementary programming (Identifiers, variables, assignment statements and expressions, named constants, naming conventions, numeric data types and operations, augmented assignment operators, increment and decrement operators, characters, and strings. )

  • Week 4-5

Boolean data type, if statements, two-way if-else statements, nested if statements, logical operators, switch statements, conditional expressions.

  • Week 6-7

While loop, do-while loop, for loop, nested loops, break and continue

  • Week 8

 Functions and calling functions. 

  • Week 9-10

Defining structure, Methods, defining and calling a method, passing arguments by values, overloading methods, variables scope.

  • Week 11-12

Defining classes for objects; constructing objects using constructors; accessing objects via reference variables;  passing objects to methods. 

  • Week 12-14

Array basics, copying arrays, passing arrays to methods, returning an array from a method, variable-length argument lists, searching and sorting arrays, arrays class, Two-dimensional array basics, processing two-dimensional arrays to methods, multidimensional arrays.

Assessment Methods & Policy:

  • 1st Midterm Exam        15%
  • 2nd Midterm Exam       20%
  • Final Exam                   40%
  • Quizzes and Lab          15%
  • Assignments                 10%
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