Teachers’ Perceptions toward Social Media Integration into K-12 Instruction in Saudi Arabia

Journal Article
Alamri, Hamdan . 2013
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This study was to investigate the status of social media application among K-12 teachers in the Kingdom of Saudi

Arabia, and also to identify the participating teachers' perceptions on application of social media technologies in

their instruction. The participants included 306 K-12 Saudi teachers from 18 schools of four different cities.

Descriptive statistics and chi-square tests were conducted for data analysis. The findings revealed the participating

teachers’ favorable beliefs about the benefits of social media integration into instructions, as espoused by teachers

in many other countries. Parents, cyber-bullying and invasion of privacy were ranked as top three challenges that

reflected the impact of culture upon social media application in Saudi K-12 instructions. The challenges also imply

the urgent need to examine how social media use in a classroom affects students’ learning and how teachers choose

their instructional strategies in order to work with and for students of the 21st century.

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