Preservice Teachers’ Technology Integration Attitude Change in a Course Implementing Digital Badges

Journal Article
Alamri, Hamdan . 2020
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Research Article
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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education
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Preservice teachers’ beliefs and attitudes impact the likelihood they will integrate technology in their future teaching. Consequently teacher preparation programs should provide courses designed to enhance preservice teachers’ attitudes and beliefs towards technology use in the classroom. However, many programs instead focusing solely on technology skills and knowledge and are not designed to establish positive attitudes towards technology integration. It is therefore important for teacher education programs to integrate technology effectively in their own classes in to illustrate best practices. This study examines the beliefs and perceived attitudinal learning of preservice teachers in a technology integration course that utilized digital badges as a way to model effective technology integration. It also examines their perceptions of the instructional design of the course and the efficacy of digital badges as a learner-centered learning technology. Results showed that students by far perceived digital badges as the most beneficial aspect of the course to their attitudinal learning. In regards to their attitudinal learning, students perceived the highest growth in their cognitive learning and the lowest in their affective. Students perceived the lack of resources as the primary barrier to technology integration in their future classrooms.

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