ENG 508: Semantics نجل 508: علم الدلالة

—Course Aims This course aims to
   (1)  Emphasise that function and semantics are the basis of human language and communicative activity;
   (2)  Study language as a system operating in and being influenced by social context;
   (3) acquaint students with the key aspects of functional linguistics (the nature and the workings of English vocabulary and grammar);
   (4) introduce the functions of word classes;
   (5) introduce the different types of processes that construe the experiential meaning; and
   (6) acquaint students with the uses of corpus concordances.
—Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs): Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
   (1) apply the functional framework to the contrastive study of two or more languages /texts, spoken and written;
   (2) apply SFL framework to the exploration of such issues as how styles of language vary according to social context and communicative purpose;
   (3) relate systemic functional methods to the interpretation of meaning; and
   (4) use words that have never been seen or heard used in real situations through the use of concordances.

Course Materials