Habib A. Fathallah (S’96, M’01) receivedthe B.S.E.E. degree (with honors) from the National Engineering School of Tunis in1994 and the M.S.C. and Ph.D. degrees inelectrical engineering from Université Laval,Québec, Canada, in 1997 and 2001, respectively.

He initiated the use of Bragg Gratings technology for all-optical/all-fiber coding/decoding in optical CDMA systems.

He was the founder of Access Photonic Networks (2001–2006).

He is currently with the Electrical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, King Saud University (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) and an Adjunct Professor with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Laval University (Quebec, Canada).

His research interests include phonotics and optical communications systems, metro and access networks,optical CDMA, PONs and long-reach PONs, FTTH, network monitoring, and hybrid fiber wireless (FiWi) systems.