Advanced Introduction to Linguistics

LING 511

Advanced Introduction to Linguistics

Instructor: Dr. Abdulrahman Almansour
Course website: LMS
Course description:

Basic concepts of linguistics and methods of analysis of language; study of the fundamental properties that all languages share, and of how languages differ, with respect to structure (sound system, word formation, syntax), expression of meaning, acquisition, variation, and change; introduction to phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics, and to problem-solving techniques, with material drawn from a variety of languages.


15%    Presentation
15%    Midterm exam 
30%    Assignments   
40%    Final exam
Absence policy:
If a student is absent 25% or more of the classes, the student will NOT be allowed to enter the final exam.
Required textbook:
O’Grady, W., Archibald, J., Aronoff, M., & Rees-Miller, J. (2017). Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction (7th ed.), Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s.    
Week 1           Introduction   
Week 2           Chapter 1: Language: A Preview
Week 3           Chapter 3: Phonology: Contrasts and Patterns
Week 4           Chapter 4: Morphology: The Analysis of Word Structure
Week 5           Chapter 5: Syntax: The Analysis of Sentence Structure           
Week 6           Chapter 6: Semantics: The Analysis of Meaning  
Week 7           Chapter 7: The Classification of Languages       
Week 8           Chapter 9: First Language Acquisition
Midterm exam         
Week 9           Chapter 10: Second Language Acquisition
Week 10        Chapter 11: Psycholinguistics: The Study of Language Processing     
Week 11        Chapter 12: Brain and Language  
Week 12        Chapter 13: Language in Social Contexts
Week 13        Chapter 18: Computational Linguistics     
Week 14        Review            
Week 15        Final exam 


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