PHYS 103 Classical Mechanics 1

This course is currently taught for engineering first-year students. 

Course Objectives:
•    To provide students with the basic concepts and principles of Mechanics, related to their future studies.
•    To strengthen understanding of the concepts and principles of Mechanics through lectures, laboratory experiments and assessment tools. 
•    To give students a structured process for solving problems in Mechanics
•    To enable students to appreciate the basic principles of mechanics such as velocity & acceleration, forces, Newton’s law of motion, momentum, angular momentum and motion of rigid objects.

1. Physics for scientists and engineers  By R. A. Serway. Recent additions are highly recommended!
2. كتاب الفيزياء العامة للجامعات تأليف د. خضر الشيباني و د. أسامة العاني

Course Materials