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Isra Abdulhameed AL-Ohaly
BSc. Degree in Rehabilitation Science Department, Speech and
Hearing Division Unit
. Marital status: Signal
. Nationality: Saudi
. Date of Birth: 6/June/1984
. Place of Birth: Riyadh
Languages . Arabic
. English
Education [ 2002-2007 ] King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
BSc From College of Applied Medical Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences
Department, Speech and Hearing Division.
Work experience [March 2007- Aug.2007] King Abdulaziz University Hospital Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia
6 month training as a speech and language pathologist, with
clinical experience in swallowing, articulation, fluency, language,
aphasia, dysarthria, and voice disorders.
[Sep. 2007-Feb. 2008 ] Security Force Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
6 month training as an audiologist, with clinical experience in
Tympanograms, PTA, VRA, Play audiometry, OAE, Acoustic reflex,
Awards received - March 2004 volunteer in a special event sponsored by ENSAN for
- April 2004 volunteer in the 29th Arabic Hard of Hearing Week
organized by Ministry of Education
- volunteer in Communication and Swallowing Department Unit in King
Abdul Aziz university Hospital from 21-5-1429 to 19-12-1429
- Member of the Saudi Society of Speech-Language Pathology and
Audiology (SSSPA).
- Member of the Saudi Society of Deaf.
- Active member in Nady Alshabab sponsored by MBC and involved in
charity work.
now working as:
- April 2007 attending one-day work shop on vertigo and dizziness.
- Attended many Lecture on Prince Salman Center For Disability Research
Lecture titled:
1- 7 March 2006 Stroke in Saudi Arabia Children: Epidemiology and Risk
2- 21 May 2007 Attended the Lecture of : Team Building
3- 11 June 2007 Attended the Lecture of : Nasometric Evaluation of
Arabic Speaking Children.
4- 28 June 2008 Attended the Lecture of: Ask the Expert on Childhood
Stuttering: Behavioral, Emotional and Speech-Language Aspect.
- 2008 Attended 10 Lectures (one-hour) Equivalent 10 CME Credit Hours by
the Saudi Council for Health Specialties (Conduct at Communication and
Swallowing Disorder Unit (CSDU) King Abdulaziz Hospital.
- now Work as a demonstrator at KSU, college of applied medical
sciences, rehabilitation department- speech and hearing therapy
division, Riyadh since December 2008
- Member in academic guidance and registration committee, and
tables of study and examinations Member in Committee