Hearing Aids


Course Title:                     Hearing Aids
Course Number:                    RHS 475
Credit Hours:                            3

Course Description:  Conduct a comprehensive, systematic communications needs assessment and abilities assessment that leads to specific hearing aid recommendations. Identify hearing aids that are suitable based on original amplification goal. Also identifying circuitry options and counseling strategies for individual patients.
Course Evaluation 
22% Exam 1
22% Exam 2
 1% Participation

15% Practicum
40% Final Exam

Topics Covered:
1. Introduction \ Historical Background
2. Hearing through the impaired system
3. Hearing Aid Styles
4. Hearing Aid Components
5. Hearing Aid Testing
6. Real Ear Measurements
7. Ear molds
8. Hearing Aid Technology
9. Hearing Aid Fitting Strategies
10. Assistive Listening Devices
11. Cochlear Implants
12. Counseling

Resources Used: 

  • Dillon, Hearing Aids,          2nd Edition,             Publisher: Thieme
  • Lectures
  • Handouts
Course Materials