The Pollen Morphology and its Sharing in the Taxonomy of some Plant Species in Saudi Arabia

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Ibrahim, khulood Mohammad Al-arjany, Najat Abdul wahab Bukhari and Mohamed M. . 2014
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Published research
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Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology.
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The aim of the present study deals with the pollen morphology of Zygophyllum simplex, Zygophyllum migahidii, Tribulus terrestris, Tribulus macropterus, Fagonia glutinosa, Fagonia indica in the species of Saudi Arabia. In this study, we have performed the scanning electron microscopy method for the analysis of pollen grains by herbarium species. Pollen grains were squashed and mounted under the microscope. The results of this study specifies the observation of pollen grains in all the species collected from Saudi Arabia region. The largest polar diameter was observed in Tribulus terrestris, which is 41.6?m and the shortest diameter was observed in Zygophyllum simplex, which was 9.5 ?m. In all the species except the members of genus Tribulus, the pollen type were tricolporate but in T.terrestris and T.macropterus, pantoporate pollens were also observed. Palynological study had been done to the six species by using light and scanning electron microscopes. The shape, ornamentation at the surface and sizes of pollen grains had been done, and they were found great similarities among the species which are belong to same genus and some variations among different genera. Our results demonstrate the observation of pollen grains collected in the Saudi Arabian herbarium species.