Ph.D Courses

Zoo 641     Advanced cell Biology                         2 (2+0)
Contents: The cell as a cytotoxic testing system. Labeling the cell molecules. Cell fusion by inactivated viruses and by polyethylene glycol. Study of specialized cells and cells in cultures. Immuno-genetics and the major histo compatibility complex.
Zoo 642     Advanced Cytology                           2 (2+0)
Contents: Cell membranes and their principal functions. Cell organelle’s functions and the relationship between them. The cytoskeleton and its role in cell support and transport. Cell development and differentiation and factors affecting its growth. The nucleo cytoplasmic interactions. Properties and types of cell cancer.
Zoo 651     Molecular genetics                             2 (2+0)
Contents: Control of gene expression and enzyme differentiation, hormonal control of gene expression, genetic polymorphism among enzyme loci, molecular population genetics and its techniques, DNA sequencing, genetic factors in developmental regulation and the molecular basis of the cytoplasmic inheritance.


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