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1.Book Chapter (9). I.N.M. Day, M.A.Al-Dahmesh, L. Haddad1, K.K. Alharbi, X.Chen, H. Rassoulian2, S.E. Humphries3, E. Spanakis4, D. Eccles. MeltMADGE: economical very high throughput mutation scanning using thermal ramp electrophoresis in conjunction with MADGE (microplate array) gels. In guide to mutation detection. Wiley Publishers. 2005. pp 85-99. ISBN: 0471234443


  1. Book Chapter (8). Day INM, Al-Dahmesh MA, Alharbi KK, Chen X, Ganderton RH, Gaunt TR, Hinks LJ, O`Dell SD, Spanakis E (2003). Electrophoresis in microplate formats. In: She ye, Ian N.M.Day, editors. Microarrays and microplates: Applications in Biomedical Sciences. BIOS Scientific Publishers, Oxford, 2003. pp 145-169. ISBN: 185996074X.


  1. Book Chapter (6). Matt Smith, Khalid K. Alharbi, Mohammed A. Aldahmesh, Gabriella Pante-de-sousa, Guangwei Hou, Xiao-he Chen, Keith R. Fox, Ian N. M. Day.  MADGE-based technologies for identification of unknown mutations at the population level. In Genetic Variance Detection: technologies for pharmacolgenomics (ed Karl Hecker). DNA Press, LLC, 2006. pp 145-162. ISBN: 097476550.


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