CLS 241


Department: Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Course number: CLS 241


 Course title: Haematology Credit hours: 2 + 2 =4

Course Description:

This course teaches basic and diagnostic haematology with an emphasis on pathology. Normal hematopoiesis is covered in lecture, followed by a review of morphology of peripheral blood and bone marrow in lab and normal & abnormal haemoglobins Cell counting techniques; blood film staining and role of iron, vitamin B12 and folate. Anemias are covered through lectures, with morphology slides, and illustrative cases, which emphasizes to laboratory diagnosis. Normal hemostasis, coagulation disorders, and thrombotic disorders are presented through lectures, case discussions and laboratory unknowns. Morphology slides and clinical correlations are used to present myeloproliferative - lymphoproliferative disorders and acute leukemias. An individually assigned case study at the end of the course emphasizes proper evaluation of laboratory data, microscopic analysis, and differential diagnosis of common hematologic disorders.


CLS 241 : Lectures outline :

Weeks subjects

1. Heamopoiesis: physiology and pathology Red cells and platelets

2. Granulocytes, Monocytes reticuloendothelial system

3. Benign disorders of white cells: granulocytes

4. Red cell disorders 5. Heamostasis and Anticoagulants

6. Laboratory assessment

7. Iron: physiology and deficiency overload and sideroblastic anaemia

8. Megaloblastic anaemia: Vitamin B12, Folate deficiency

9. Haemolytic anaemias: genetic defects of haemoglobin

10. Inherited defects of haemoglobin-sickle cell disease

11. Acute leukaemia

12. Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

13. Myeloproliferative disorders

 14. Clinical assessment


 CLS 241: Laboratory schedule : Weeks subjects

1. Collection of blood from patients

2. Basic haematological techniques

3. Preparation and staining methods for peripheral blood and Bone-marrow films

4. Blood-cell morphology in health and disease

5. Blood-cell cytochemistry and supplementary techniques

6. Laboratory methods used in the investigation of the haemolytic Anaemias

7. Investigation of the hereditary haemolytic anaemias

8. Investigation of the haemoglobinopathies

 9. Laboratory methods used in the investigation of paroxysmal Nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH)

10. Quantitative assay of coagulation factors

11. Investigation of platelet function

12. Laboratory control of anticoagulant and thrombolytic therapy

13. Investigation of megaloblastic and iron-deficiency anaemias

 14. Miscellaneous tests




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Essential Haematology   

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