CLS 442


Department: Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Course number: CLS 442

Course title: Clinical practice of haematology

Credit hours: 1 + 1 = 2


Course description

The students will be introduced to and learn the working system of routine haematology laboratory and the Blood Bank. The need is for the students to follow the routine laboratory work starting from specimen collection right through to sending results to the clinicians. Some attention will be given to interpretation of results and identification and quick reporting of grossly abnormal life threatening results to the clinicians

In the blood bank, the students will be encouraged in participating in the production of blood products ( packed cells, platelets concentrates, fresh frozen plama etc . ) and in the production of cryoprecipitate

CLS 442: Lecture Schedule


Weeks          Subjects

1                   Haemolytic anaemias: General  and                         

                    inherted membrane and enzymes effects

2                  Bone marrow failure 

3                  Chronic myeloid leukaemia

4                  Myelodysplasia 

5                 Multiple myeloma 

6                 Lymphoma: Hodgkin lymphoma 

                   Non-Hodgkin lymphoma 

7                Disorders of haemostasis: vessel wall and platelets 

8                Disorders of coagulation: Inherited and  Acquired 

9                Thrombosis and thrombophilia 

10              Haernatological aspects of disease:

                 Renal, liver, endocrine pregnancy

11             Blood transfusion and Stem cell transplantation

12             Blood bank policy

13             Complications of blood products

14.            Case studies

15             Assessments of the course


CLS 442 Laboratory Hospital Schedule


Week          subject


1 to  3        Phlebotomies, specimen collection and registration

4 to 6        Mean donor collection and processing of blood donor

7 to 9        Mean Blood bank and blood transfusion processes.

10 to 12    Coagulation laboratory units     

13 to  15   Mean Laboratory Haematology, Electronic machines

                Reading blood film

Disterbution of marks :

 Assessment by theory examination (20% Med Term and Final 30%);

Practical examination (20% Med Term and 20% Final)

Assignment (10%). 


Books :

 1-Practical Hematology
Sir John V. Dace & SM Lewwis

ISBN: 0 443 01981 9

 2- Haematology at a Glance

Atu Mehta & Victor Hoffbrand

ISBN 10-4051-2666-3

 3- Essentials of Haematology

Shirish M Kawthalkar

ISBN 81-8061-633-9

 4- Essential Haematology

Hoffbrand AV, Pettit JE, PAH Moss

4th ed. 2001, Blackwell Scientific Publications

ISBN 0632051531



Course Materials