Diagenetic Alterations of the Upper Jurassic Scleractinian Corals, Hanifa Formation, Jabal Al-Abakkayn, Central Saudi Arabia

Journal Article
, Al-Dabbagh, M. E. . 2016
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بحث علمي ميداني ومعملي
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Journal of Geological Society of India
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Abstract: During diagenetic stages, the aragonitic skeletons and the inter/intra-corallite cement of the upper Jurassic corals of Hanifa Formation either dissolved or subjected to diagenetic alterations including cementation, micritization,
recrystallization, silicification, dolomitization and dedolomitization. The proposed sequence of diagenetic stages is as follows: early marine diagenesis, early meteoric and mixing zone diagenesis, late meteoric diagenesis, and shallow burial diagenesis. Each stage is characterized by certain diagenetic processes. The source of sulfate solutions for dedolomitization in the studied corals is the dissolved anhydrite deposits of the Arab–Hith Formations, sometime before their erosion. A possible source of silica, needed for the formation of chert and chalcedony, is the sponge spicules
dispersed in many carbonates of the Hanifa Formation.