ZOO 342 2 (1+1)

Molecular Biology 

Overview of Course 342 Zoo Molecular Biology
This course is a compulsory course for the students of the sixth level in the Deparment of Zoology. It contains two parts. The first one is the theoretical part and it teaches in one hour weekly. The second one is the practical part and it teaches in  two hours weekly. 

  1. Prerequisite

Biology and Physiology of Cell 242 Zoo 

- Fundamental of Genetics 352 Zoo 
- Genetic Engineering 455 Zoo 
- Bioinformatics 456 Zoo 
- Applied training in Zoology 497 Zoo 

Introduction to genetics Principles, 2009. David Hyde
Genetics analysis of genes and genomes, 2009. seventh edition. Daniel, L. Hartl and Elizabeth, W. Jones
Introduction to genetic analysis. 2008. ninth edition. Anthony, J. F. Griffiths; Susan, R. Wessler; Richard, C. Lewontin; Sean B. Carroll.

Course Materials