Organosilicon nanosilicon composites and fabrication methods

Aldwayyan, A.S. . 2010
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براءة اختراع
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US20100234204 A1
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Embodiments of the invention provide organosilicon silicon nanoparticle composites, where the silicon nanoparticles are highly luminescent. Preferred embodiments of the invention are Si—O solid composite networks, e.g., glass, having a homogenous distribution of luminescent hydrogen terminated silicon nanoparticles in a homogenous distribution throughout the solid. Embodiments of the invention also provide fabrication processes for organosilicon silicon nanoparticle composites. A preferred method for forming an organosilicon nanoparticle composite disperses hydrogen terminated silicon nanoparticles and an inorganic precursor of an organosilicon gel in an aprotic solvent to form a sol. A catalyst is mixed into the sol. The sol is then permitted to dry into a gel of the organosilicon nanoparticle composite.