Method for Discriminating Between Benign and Malignant Prostate Tumors

Masilamani, V. . 2012
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براءة اختراع
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US 8213005 , B2
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The method for discriminating between benign and malignant prostate tumors relates to analyzing samples of blood, urine and tissue by fluorescence spectroscopy in order to detect the presence of naturally occurring molecules in the fluids and tissue that serve as biomarkers indicative of cancer in the human body. The analysis can be carried out based on fluorescence emission spectra, fluorescence excitation spectra and synchronous (emission and excitation) spectra of bio-samples. The detection, diagnosis, and follow-up and also discrimination between malignant and benign prostate tumors may be made by comparison of ratios of fluorescence emissions and/or excitation intensities of tryptophan, tyrosine, elastin, collagen, bile pigments, NADH, flavins and various species of porphyrins.